Shade7 Riviera Umbrella

Cantilever Umbrella Riviera

Experience world-class, resort quality shade under the finest cantilever umbrella available.

The new Riviera cantilever umbrella – the elegance and style of the European summer at your place.

Designed by New Zealanders for New Zealand conditions with super-yacht styling and a marine-grade aluminium frame that will never rust.

You’ll notice the attention to detail, European fabrics, advanced componentry and ease of use. What further sets the Riviera apart from other umbrellas is its superior strength and ability to withstand wind.

The Riviera Cantilever Umbrella rotates 360 degrees and can be tilted to three different angles giving you complete shade flexibility.

Riviera Cantilever Umbrella Sizes

The Riviera is available in 4 popular sizes:

  • Riviera 3x3m Square (9.0m2 of shade)
  • Riviera 3.5m Octagonal (8.7m2 of shade)
  • Riviera 4.0m Octagonal (11.3m2 of shade)
  • Riviera 3.5X3.4m square (12.2m2 of shade)

Riviera Wind Tunnel Testing

To show the strength and stability of this wind resistant cantilever umbrella we put it to the test.

Shade7 installed the Riviera in the largest wind tunnel in NZ based at the University of Auckland. The umbrella withstood the maximum possible wind speed of the tunnel at that size which was 40kph.

Some businesses make exaggerated claims about what wind speed their umbrella is “engineered” for.

Riviera Cantilever Umbrella Advantages

The Riviera has been designed, tested, and developed to be the ultimate sun shade for outdoor living and entertaining in both residential and commercial environments.

Key Features:

  • Superior strength and ability to withstand wind
  • Marine-grade aluminium frame that will never rust
  • European acrylic canvas fabric with 5 year warranty
  • Maximise your space with no center post
  • Full 360 degree rotation with 16 locking locations
  • Three different tilt positions for maximum shading flexibility
  • Folds tidily back to the mast when closed
  • 2 year warranty on frame and components
  • Easily installed in ground, on wooden deck or concrete patio
  • Unique fixed arm stabiliser upgrade kit available.

Riviera Cantilever Features

The Riviera Canopy

All Riviera umbrella canopies are manufactured using European 100% solution dyed acrylic canvas.

This premium marine-grade fabric comes with a 5 year warranty against fading, material breakdown and rot. It also has the highest UPF 50+/SPF100 rating, cutting out 98%+ of harmful UV light for maximum sun protection.

The Riviera is available in our 4 top selling standard colours. We can however custom make your umbrella for you out of a large selection of non standard premium colours to match the style of your outdoor area or home décor.

Riviera Umbrella Accessories

Riviera Cover Bag

Riviera Cover Bag

Although the umbrella is designed and manufactured using marine grade materials that are durable and highly fade resistant; we do recommend using a cover bag to protect you umbrella while not in use.A cover bag will keep unwanted dirt and bird droppings off your umbrella while keeping it dry. This will prolong the life of your umbrella and keep it looking its best for many years.

Riviera Stabiliser Upgrade Kit

The Riviera has a uniquely designed fixed arm stabiliser upgrade kit available. These stabiliser arms will greatly increase the umbrellas wind range and stability on windy days.

The stabiliser kit simply screws into a fitting already installed in the groove of the Riviera mast. Each stabiliser arm then attaches to the end of the umbrella arms to the left and right.

The stabiliser upgrade kit is specifically designed for commercial environment where the umbrella needs to be up all day without constant supervision. The stabiliser kit is will also be idea for exposed locations and coastal environments. Brochures Riviera Cantilever Umbrella.pdf

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