Maxx Series Shadetex Sails

Maxx Series shade sails stand out from the crowd. Fabricated using the strongest shade mesh available, there is nothing else quite like these sails on the market. Maxx Series sails are essentially the same as our commercial custom shade sails, but with a much reduced price tag for your convenience.

Ideal if you are after that up-market look with a difference and are available in a huge range of standard colours and sizes.

This design ensures high-performance and allows users to stay abreast of the current trend in outdoor architecture.

  • Designed for easy installation.
  • High (90%) UV block and high shade factor.
  • 15 year warranty.
  • • Complete shade sail package with instructions, ready to add hardware and install.


Our PTFE sewing thread is guaranteed to last for the life of the fabric, and it maintains the strength of the seam even under the harshest outdoor conditions. It does not deteriorate, burst or break, despite years of exposure to weather and extreme temperatures.




All Prices exclude GST and Freight

Prices are subject to change



Monotec 370 is a premium grade fabric best suited to larger structures where tensile strength and longevity are important. Its consistent and minimal stretch characteristics are outstanding and mean tighter sails for a lot longer.

Monotec 370 is made up entirely from ‘monofilament HDPE yarns’ meaning every fiber in the fabric is a perfectly round High Density Polyethylene filament. Boasting an incredible 4750Kpa burst pressure, you can be confident that this shadecloth fabric will meet the environments harshest challenges with superb elegance while providing 84-89% shade factor – under tension.

Monotec 370 is manufactured using only the best quality raw materials followed by a heat-setting process that makes this premium fabric lay perfectly even and flat. Not only does this give the finished product a consistent shine but also assists fabrication when cutting and sewing .

Monotec 370 is very easy to clean. The HDPE monofilaments are resistant to staining and there are no tapes to trap the dirt and grime.

Monotec 370 is a 100% recyclable textile.


We sell a wide range of accessories to help you install your Shadetex Sails, these include shackles, bolts, chains and screws.

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